Groupe dE Mossì is a cutting edge firm concentrating on initiating and positioning the cross branding methodologies and strategies needed to develop and market International Urban focused Sports, Entertainment and Lifestyle related Concepts and Brands to a highly informed 21st century global consumer. Through Team dE Mossì, the firm is in contact with key associates in several ports of call throughout the world. These associates, referred to as: Markets Development Consultants (MDC’s), give the organization its abilities to rapidly respond to market trends and requests for services. The company’s active database is a cyber matrix of who, what, when, where and how. Our contacts focus on sports and entertainment entity owners, representatives and talent.


A. Stephan Moss – The Full Circle Vision, Concept and Project developer

A. Stephan Moss is an African American and a native of Washington, D.C. He is a graduate of the AmericanUniversity’s School of Communication, department of Television and Film and attended GraduateSchool at HowardUniversity, majoring in Communication Theory. He is a former United States Marine.

His early professional career experiences were in Media, Public Relations and Business Development for both the non-profit and private corporate sectors. In addition, he has developed a number of breakthrough professional sports and entertainment events in association with such corporations as Budweiser, Coca-Cola and Black Entertainment Television. He is considered an expert in Community Based Small Business Development. He has successfully organized the development and launch of various product introductions from exotic coffees and sports energy beverages to luxury furs. For the last several years Stephan has concentrated on initiating and positioning the cross branding methodologies and strategies needed to develop and market International Urban Apparel and Urban Music to a highly informed 21st century global consumer.

Along with his partner, Canadian born Julie Lakis, Steve has formed the Montreal based “Groupe dE Mossì,” an incorporated company that owns the intellectual property rights to the various brands and has showroom offices in Montreal, Quebec, the only French province in North America. Mr. Moss is the founder, CEO and President of both Groupe dE Mossì and Writeous Arsenal Records.


Julie Lakis – Chief administrative officer (CAO) GdM

Julie Lakis is a Quebecois of Lebanese decent. Ms. Lakis is a Landscape Architect and Urban Planner. She has a Bachelors degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Montreal and a Masters Degree in Environmental Studies (Planning) from YorkUniversity. She has four years of experience in various fields ranging from building architecture to urban planning. During the past three years, Ms. Lakis has been leading planning project for the Cree Nations in the James Bay Region of Northern Quebec. These projects include designing master plans for many of the 9 Cree Communities, preparing capital plans for all the 9 Cree Communities to support the negotiations between the Cree Regional Authority and the Quebec Government as well as other smaller scale design projects.

Ms. Lakis assisted A. Stephan Moss in his initial efforts to structure and open the Quebec office of Groupe dE Mossi in Montreal. She acts as the financial administrator and she works with Mr. Moss in developing the designs and creative aspects of Groupe dE Mossi. Their chemistry is manifested in the company’s projects from initial concept to market introduction.

Ms. Lakis background as an urban planner allows her to coordinate the diverse components of Groupe dE Mossi; in the same way a planner coordinates the engineers and architects involved in a project. She is the glue that binds the various components of Groupe dE Mossi/ Writeous Arsenal Records.

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