The House of dE Mossì. Join the Adventure Continued…

The Story

is embedded in science fiction, mythology, folklore and truth. Full Circle, Expedition to the Lost Place (The Montreal Chronicles) will be delivered through journals, episodes, sound tracks and product placement. Join us, shop with us and we’ll keep you educated…

Our Mission

From a consortium of producers, artists and creative minds, our mission is to share the wealth. In addition to bringing you some of the finest organic and natural products from around the world, we’re also telling a story.


The dE Mossi Clothing Co. North 49


International Sports, Entertainment & Lifestyles and…a delicious tasting effervescent drink [organic & natural ingredients]
Try Limuz6 – there’s more to it than you could ever hope possible!!!

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The House of dE Mossi Productions:  circa 20 1 100 AD

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