Who is Groupe dE Mossì, About and Our Mission

STEVE, LAILA & JULIE Air Creebec CanadaGroupe dE Mossì is a cutting edge firm concentrating on initiating and positioning the cross branding methodologies and strategies needed to develop and market International Urban focused Sports, Entertainment and Lifestyle related Concepts and Brands to a highly informed 21st century global consumer.

Through Team dE Mossì, the firm is in contact with key associates in several ports of call throughout the world.

These associates, referred to as: Markets Development Consultants (MDC’s), give the organization its abilities to rapidly respond to market trends and requests for services. The company’s active database is a cyber matrix of who, what, when, where and how. Our contacts focus on sports and entertainment entity owners, representatives and talent.


A. Stephan Moss aka Blackstone, is an Entrepreneur, Sports & Entertainment Executive and Digital Film Maker. Moss, along with his partner Julie Lakis, an Urban Planner & Landscape Architect by profession formed the Groupe dE Mossì Clothing Co. North 49 to launch “ONE|OF|THE|MULTITUDE”, a Global paradigm encompassing their 21st Century vision centered around branding, positioning, marketing and distributing Sports, Entertainment & Life Styles properties, products and services.

Our Mission
From a consortium of producers, artists and creative minds, our mission is to share the wealth. In addition to bringing you some of the finest organic and natural products from around the world, we’re also telling a story. This story is embedded in science fiction, mythology, folklore and truth. Full Circle, Expedition to the Lost Place (The Montreal Chronicles) will be delivered through journals, episodes, sound tracks and product placement. Join us, shop with us and we’ll keep you educated.

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Groupe dE Mossì, Agency dE Mossì in Association with Team dE Mossì Introduces LIMUZ BY ANOVITE

Team dE Mossì Members:
A. Stephan Moss & Julie Lakis, Westmount, Quebec, Canada |Tony Kwame-Osei, Accra, Ghana, West Africa | Greg Flowers, California, USA | Ted Knight, Florida, USA | Ken Biddle, Virginia, USA | Katien Long, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

For information, Ordering and or Associate Registration:
Contact me directly: A. Stephan Moss aka Blackstone
1 514 223-2766 | Toll Free From the USA & Canada:
1 877 225-2766