Full Circle: The Montreal Chronicles- Moss, Coffee and International Trade


Carleone Brown said to me in a Facebook message this morning, “You always have a new hustle, your grind never stops. I salute you my brother!” I said, “This is not new baby boy, just revealed recently. Coffee, international trade and I go way back. Nevertheless, I appreciate the compliment. Stay strong Carleone.”

Relationships build empires. Full Circle: The Montreal Chronicles.

Above left is a picture of Moss wheeling and dealing with Brulerie Aux Quatre Vents owner, Pierre. Above right is Moss with Muhammad Ali circa the late 1980’s. Ali is signing autographs at a Champ Chocolate Chip Cookie and Blue Mountain Coffee promotion organised by Moss.

Click here to see what Moss is up to presently: dE Mossi Clothing Co. North 49

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