Full Circle, Expedition to the Lost Place: Montreal was a step into the past and the future at the same time.

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Introduction & launch of The House of dE Mossi’s “Full Circle” project: the digital film, soundtrack and expedition journal.

Premise: What if you discovered the truth? Stumbled across it in a realm you never imagined. Found it at the right time, in the right place. If you tell it, it affects the course of human history. From this day on, every day of your life, you have to choose. You can feel it. Keep it a secret or tell the truth?

ASM GASPE, QUEBEC 2010 AD correctedA. Stephan Moss, President and CEO of Groupe dE Mossi | Agency dE Mossi: dE Mossi Clothing Co. North 49

Full Circle is an internet series of episodes, which presents its content in the context of a voice-over diary style semi-documentary.  The film simultaneously juxtaposes two stories of re-emergence.

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Lord of the Mines
Mansa Musa, a ruthless 14th-century ruler who lorded over his empire’s gold mines, may be the richest man of all time.
http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/videos/lord-of-the-mines/embed/“>Mansa Musa Video

The necessity of like minds


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