The dE Mossì Clothing Co. North 49 launches it Summer – Early Fall Collection 2015 AD

The dE Mossì Clothing Co. North 49 launches it Summer – Early Fall Collection 2015 AD; which premieres concepts inspired by A. Stephan Moss aka Blackstone’s Quebec journey.

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The Province is full of Secrets.  Some are historically tied to the wealthiest entrepreneur and explorer that ever lived on planet Earth.


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Furthermore, the dE Mossì Clothing Co. North 49 has added an accessories line to it’s collections.

The Return of the Underground – The Montreal Chronicles.

To be continued…

The Elixir Of Life

Expedition to the Lost Place. The Search for a Product that’s better than the Competition.

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Secret Mediterranean: Secret Mediterranean with Trevor McDonald – Episode 2:

Secret Mediterranean- Episode 2

Mediterranean Beaches GdM 01 2015 AD

About the video:

Spanning three continents and 21 countries, the Mediterranean has nurtured some of the most dazzling civilizations of antiquity. Today, amid the stunning landscapes, more cultures live side by side here than anywhere else on earth. In this new series Sir Trevor McDonald explores the various countries that make up the Med, their individual cultures and traditions and looks beyond the beaches and old towns of holiday brochures to discover the truly secret Mediterranean. In episode 2, Sir Trevor visits three countries where the landscape has determined how people live there, whether it is living by an ancient lagoon, being a cowboy in southern France or turning a barren Tunisian landscape into a multi-million pound Hollywood film set.

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