My Latest Discovery: Sunday Morning Yoga at Lululemon

Last month I decided I was ready to get back into shape, after 15 months of NO exercise. My little miracle was born on April 27th, 2012. I worked out regularly throughout my entire pregnancy, until the doctor put me on bed rest for the last 4 weeks before I gave birth. Since Laila was born, I have not been able to get back into my workout routine for a few reasons: first, I was simple overwhelmed from having a new life that depended on me. Secondly, I was not, and am still not sleeping through the night (or rather Laila isn’t sleeping through the night).

Finally, last month, I couldn’t take it anymore!! I had to get back into shape. So I decided I would start slow. My plan was to swim twice a week and go to yoga at least once a week. In looking for an affordable yoga studio on the internet, I came across a free yoga class at the Lululemon store, right up the street from my house. “This is too good to be true”, I thought to myself. But, no, it wasn’t. There were no hidden agendas, fees or any other tricks. Just awesome, free yoga! So far I’ve been to 3 classes, led by 3 different instructors, and they were ALL great. I have absolutely NO complaints about any of the instructors. All the classes were different, challenging and re-energizing.

To top it all off, 2 weeks ago, Lululemon rented a school bus that picked us up at the store, drove us to Beaver Lake, gave us a free yoga class in the park, and drove us back to the store.





Lululemon really surprised me and restored my faith in goodness! Thank you Lululemon for an awsome yoga experience, and more importantly, an awsome HUMAN experience!