How to Eat to Live & More Design

The objective of this blog is to share our thoughts, research and opinions with the world.

The sport section of this blog talks about the business of sports and energy as well as nutrition: “How to Eat to Live”.

“How to Eat to Live” is about food.

One of the factors that play a great role in determining energy consumption is fuel availability. The fuel I’m referring to is Food and how to nourish and strengthen your physically active body.

Currently, it’s the only one you have. Like you, I’m also a work in progress when it comes to these issues. Whether we work out for fun, to look good, compete or are recovering from years of a misguided life style and information, what we eat and drink are vitally important for sustainability. Life itself should be a collective and individual success story. We travel different paths that are all a part of one collective source. Eating right in the 21st century is the secret. It’s no longer available to a selected few. It’s time to be well informed and well balanced.

Fruits and vegetables are nature’s most powerful medicines. There are locally grown and accessible fruits and vegetables, grains, protein and calcium rich foods as well as healthful fats which can enhance our abilities to fuel our own temples. If we pay attention to ingredients, labels and places of origin, we can become our own best keepers helping to prevent ailments from the commun cold, arthritis, heart disease, to cancer. Like, I said previously, I’m a work in progress also and I really wouldn’t suggest anything to you that I wouldn’t do.

The second section of this blog addresses Lifestyle: “More Design”

Groupe dE Mossi is a cutting edge firm with key associates in several ports of call throughout the world. These associates, referred to as: Markets Development Consultants (MDC’s), give the organization its abilities to rapidly respond to market trends and requests for services. The company’s active database is a cyber matrix of who, wh…at, when, where and how. Our contacts focus on sports and entertainment entity owners, representatives and talent.

Our World Street Marketing concept was developed on a “Who You Know” philosophical point of view. Groupe dE Mossi founder; A. Stephan Moss envisions the company to be in a position to initialize a unique cross marketing mix. “My belief is that over the next several years the Earth’s population will take a more holistic look at how we relate as ONE unit, Gaia. We’ll mix fashion, music and entertainment from an urban route into a world without boundaries; said Moss.” To accomplish this goal the World Street Marketing team was created and has immediately set out to establish Montreal as the focal point in North America for an impending International center for fashion, music, entertainment, fine cuisine and travel.

dE Mossi capabilities are geared to associate the right people with the right stuff.

“We Set the Standard”